Ref #: EJNEC28027

Estate Collection

1920s Natural Pearl & Multicolored Diamond Tassel Sautoir

This vintage multicolored diamond and natural pearl necklace was assembled in France in the 1920s.  At that time, backless evening gowns had only been recently introduced and were surging in popularity.

Mounted in platinum and 18k gold, the necklace incorporates two elegant detachable pins, which hang in the front and back, respectively, as pendants:

The first, dating from the 1900s to early 1910s, is set with nine multicolored natural pearls, nine near-colorless very slightly to slightly included old mine-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.93 total carats, four fancy brown slightly included to included old European-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.80 total carats, and twenty rose-cut diamonds, with a detachable milgrained openwork tassel set with 79 rose-cut diamonds and multicolored natural pearl strands with small pink conch pearls near the ends. With French hallmarks and an incomplete maker's mark. Attaches to the necklace with hooks and loops. Dimensions: 4 x 1.15".

The second, dating from the 1920s, is set with one fancy intense yellow very, very slightly included kite-shaped diamond weighing approximately 0.88 carats, two fancy intense yellow square faceted diamonds weighing approximately 0.50 total carats and 34 near-colorless very very slightly to slightly included round brilliant-cut and single-cut diamonds weighing approximately 1.72 total carats. It suspends three dark gray natural pearls. It attaches to the necklace with two box clasps, one with French hallmarks and a poinçon with the initials "R B". Dimensions: 1.75 x 1".

The two pendants are connected by beautiful necklace chains, together measuring approximately 32" in length, and set with four near-colorless single-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.04 total carats, fourteen near-colorless very slightly to slightly included round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.74 total carats, and fourteen fancy yellow, fancy vivid yellow, and fancy intense orange very slightly to slightly included round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 2.30 total carats.
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