Engagement Ring Design

For Betteridge, there is no more significant expression of love than the presentation of an engagement ring. It is a moment that every happy couple will cherish for the rest of their lives. When making such a significant purchasing decision, you want to be certain that you are giving something truly unforgettable, of unparalleled quality and value.

Selecting an engagement ring is a personal choice that should be driven by a complete understanding of your options and opportunities. We have a broad selection of fine engagement rings in our inventory, but the vast majority of the time, we simply ask you to think of these rings as a starting point to help you decide on a particular diamond cut, color and size. We can then build the perfect engagement ring to your exacting specifications to enhance the stone's beauty and withstand the demands of a marvelous marriage.

Every Betteridge engagement ring is designed to become a family heirloom. For this reason, Betteridge diamond engagement rings (unless you custom order a gold ring) are designed in platinum, the most enduring of the precious metals.

In the Greenwich workshop alone, our craftsmen have over two hundred years of cumulative experience "on the bench." This vast depth of experience enables them to produce handcrafted rings using time honored techniques, including fabrication, casting, burnishing and engraving, during the manufacturing of components needed for a particular design.

Our breadth of experience and equipment, from sophisticated laser welders to hand tools dating back to when Betteridge was founded in 1897, enable us to create rings that very few companies can replicate.

To learn more about custom engagement ring design at Betteridge, please contact us.


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