Ref #: CLOCK00331

Matthias Naeschke

"L'Amour" 100-Day Table Clock


The Matthias Naeschke "L'Amour" table clock, weighing almost 50kg, features a fully gilded 100-day movement that sits enthroned on four mighty silvered pillars of solid brass. Dimensions: 24.4" (62cm) height x 16.9" (43cm) width x 13.4" (34cm) depth.

The "L'Amour" clock is driven by a barrel and fusee mechanism: a method that serves to equalise the torque exerted by the mainspring as the spring runs down, thus delivering a constant force to the wheel train.

The movement consists of just a few superbly worked wheels and pinions. They transmit the impulses to the escapement and dial train with utmost efficiency.

The escapement used is the dead-beat escapement with ruby pallets developed by Matthias Naeschke. The movement is complemented with a 5-rod compensation pendulum and fine adjuster.

Fine, balanced steel hands turn around a chapter ring made of solid sterling silver. Cut by cut, a master engraver incises delicate numerals and characters into the resilient material and thus each dial is unique. The clockmaker finally screws the darkened, tarnish-protected, lavishly finished dial on to the four pillars. A bell jar with bevelled glass protects the clock from dirt and dust.

Two 6cm plates of Galactica granite form the base for this precious movement. The raw material has had a long, hard journey from its rocky origins to the finished plinth. Sawn, smoothed into form and finally elaborately polished to perfection, the stone unfolds its inherent beauty and shimmering structure.

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