Ref #: CLOCK01036

Matthias Naeschke

"La Brillante" 14-Day Table Clock


The Matthias Naeschke "La Brillante" table clock, features an elegant 14-day movement with a precision dead-beat escapement fitted by ruby pallets. Dimensions: 17.7" (45cm) height x 12.6" (32cm) width x 9.8" (25cm) depth.

In Matthias Naeschke's new creation the escape wheel is extra large and mounted centrally in the skelettonised main plates, dominating the entire clockwork. It engages perfectly with the half second anchor pendulum to divide the feather-driven gearing into small, precisely measured portions. And since a clockwork never consists only of one wheel, all further wheels of the “La Brilliante” are mounted in a floating gilded bridge between the main plates.

The 14-day running movement is finished by hand with great attention to detail. The intensive ruby-red of the jewel bearings endows a coloured accent and is at the same time the classic indication for durability. Tender, flame-blued pear shaped hands glide over a fine, granular silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals.

The “La Brilliante” sits on two columns, which are fitted on a silver-anodized aluminium base. Against dust, a beautifully conceived glass canopy with five facetted panes protects this exquisite timekeeper. The “La Brilliante” is truly a clock which inspires and lets new ideas appear in a classically beautiful form.
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