Ref #: GIFT17947

Patrick Mavros

Mini Silver "ZoZo" Elephant Sculpture

Mini "ZoZo" elephant in sterling silver. Height: 1.4" (3.5cm). Designed and manufactured in Zimbabwe. Marked "PM" for Patrick Mavros.

"Before he had a name, the real ZoZo was a six-year old orphaned elephant who lived on the next door farm to ours. One hot and dusty day, he went down to the vlei, a moist area that is often found in open grasslands in Mashonaland, home to the smiling cane rats and whistling reedbuck. There he rolled and frolicked in a cool and sweet smelling mud bath. But his weight was too much and his legs soon sunk into the sticky clay. For hours he squealed for help until we arrived in the Toyota Mavmobile.

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