Ref #: GIFT06889

Patrick Mavros

Silver Female Meerkat Sculpture

Meerkat sculpture in sterling silver, depicting a female meerkat looking left. Designed and manufactured in Zimbabwe. Marked "PM" for Patrick Mavros.

"Charming little desert-dwellers, meerkats live in families and spend the day foraging in gangs within their territory, never too far from a handy bolt hole or burrow. Meerkats are only to be found in the arid areas of southern Africa - such as the Kalahari Desert - where they live in highly organized communities of between 5 and 30 individuals. They are naturally protective and affectionate with one another, hugging and kissing liberally. They exhibit a spirit of loyalty and cooperation almost unique within the animal kingdom.

If a fellow meerkat is injured the others will nurse, groom, and console him, bringing him all the choicest morsels of food until he is feeling recovered. To allow nursing mothers to forage for food and replenish their milk supplies, other clan members will take turns to ‘baby-sit’ and even wet-nurse youngsters, who emerge from the burrow three weeks after being born. Once the kittens are weaned, they are fed by all members of the community."

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