Ref #: GIFT14886

Patrick Mavros

Silver Giraffe Wine Coaster

Giraffe wine coaster in sterling silver with a wooden base. Height: 1.8" (4.5cm). Designed and manufactured in Zimbabwe. Marked "PM" for Patrick Mavros.

"The Giraffe Wine Coasters depict a group of giggling girl giraffes after having had a merry lunch whilst their husbands have been out foraging on the savannah. Having enjoyed a few too many marula treats, which ferment in their stomachs and make them completely inebriated - which they know is never a good idea –the girls' gathering has turned out to be a full blown lunch affair. After having spotted the silhouettes of their husbands returning, panic has gripped them, most have thrust their heads through the canopy of their acacia trees to steady themselves and a pair have just given up and reclined on their haunches. It is a feast of marulas, twisted necks and wobbly legs, all in the name of fun."
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