Ref #: 102-712

Patrick Mavros

Silver Leaping Impalas Sculpture on Blackwood Base

Patrick Mavros trio of leaping impalas sculpture in silver on a blackwood base. Height: 4.4" (11.2cm). Designed and manufactured in Zimbabwe.

"The graceful Impala are almost always the first gazelles any new visitor to southern Africa will see, as they are very widespread. A ram or two with his lyre-shaped horns almost always accompanies the ladylike but hornless females. During the rutting season, January to May, the big males battle it out noisily for the right to keep a harem of around 15 ewes inside a territory. The victor will be worn out by the end of the season, since in addition to defending his territory, he has to constantly round up his straying females. Surprisingly agile and fast, impalas will bound in enormous, graceful leaps when attacked. A herd will often be found in the company of a troop of baboons, each species seeming to take advantage of the others' watchfulness."

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