Ref #: GIFT14910

Patrick Mavros

Silver Warthog Wine Coaster

Warthog wine coaster in sterling silver with a wooden base. Height: 1.8" (4.5cm). Designed and manufactured in Zimbabwe. Marked "PM" for Patrick Mavros.

"Male warthogs have two pairs of warts on their faces; the females one pair. Both have lovely moustaches which enhance and offset their sharp tusks - the top pair curves up but the lower tusks grow straight out and are honed to a keen edge by constant rubbing on the top pair. Warthogs favour the open savanna and are active by day, sleeping in burrows at night. They will take over abandoned aardvark holes although they are capable of digging their own burrows. The warthog guards his family by backing tail-first into his burrow and defending the entrance with his large tusks."

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