Ref #: CBX01893

Raymond C. Yard

Multicolored Diamond Bracelet

Multicolored diamond bracelet in platinum, set with natural colored diamonds weighing 5.94 total carats (the carat weights for the different types of colored diamonds detailed below), with two larger colorless marquise-shaped diamonds weighing 1.08 carats (GIA-certified: E-color/VS1-clarity) and 1.06 carats (GIA-certified: E-color/VS2-clarity), accented by 40 baguette-cut diamonds weiging 5.24 total carats, 12 oval-shaped diamonds weighing 1.92 total carats, 20 pear-shaped diamonds weighing 2.18 total carats, 56 round-cut diamonds weighing 3.95 total carats and 8 smaller marquise-shaped diamonds weighing 0.52 total carats. Designed by Raymond C. Yard, using a Carvin French setting. 7.50" long.

Colored Diamond Weights:
1 marquise yellow/orange diamond weighing 1.23 carats (GIA-certified: fancy-intense)
1 marquise yellow diamond weighing 1.04 carats (GIA-certified: fancy-intense)
1 oval orange/yellow diamond weighing 0.83 carats (GIA-certified: fancy-intense)
1 oval yellow diamond weighing 0.74 carats (GIA-certified: vivid)
1 pear-shaped orange/yellow diamond weighing 0.60 carats (GIA-certified: fancy-intense)
1 pear-shaped yellow diamond weighing 0.53 carats (GIA-certified: fancy-intense)
1 round purple/pink diamond weighing 0.20 carats (GIA-certified: fancy-intense)
3 round pink diamonds weighing 0.51 total carats (not lab certified, but guaranteed natural)
1 round green/blue diamond weighing 0.08 carats (not lab certified, but guaranteed natural)
2 round blue diamonds weighing 0.13 total carats (not lab certified, but guaranteed natural)
1 round green diamond weighing 0.05 carats (not lab certified, but guaranteed natural)

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