This is what handmade means to us.

It's not cranked out of a machine overseas; it starts with a wonderful design and a crude piece of platinum or gold, lovingly fashioned in the hands of a master jeweler.

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We love recommending the jewelry we make, because we know each step that has gone into its creation: we've watched the platinum melted, hammered out on an anvil and welded into beautiful form. It gives us peace of mind to know everything is as good as it possibly can be.

It all starts with the design
Measuring the ring basket
Cutting out the top plate
A rough top plate: the beginning of a beautiful engagement ring
Filing the inside profile of the top plate
Bending the shank
Shaping the band so that it tapers
Fashioning the ring basket
Soldering the top plate to the shank
Soldering prongs to the basket
Cutting รก jour settings for the diamond accents
Shaping the bead-setting to ensure each accent fits securely
A finished ring mounting
Selecting the diamond accents
Fitting the diamonds
Ensuring each diamond matches perfectly
Creating an elegant split prong
Polishing the mounting
Steam cleaning the finished ring

Craft is Where Labor Meets Love

Engagement rings are a special point of pride in our workshop. We build rings to be just as beautiful a hundred years from now as they are today.

We invite you to learn more by contacting one of our engagement ring specialists by email or at (888) 556-2127.