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Jewelry Repair

Things happen. We get it. Fortunately, the jewelers at Betteridge can repair, resize or restore just about anything that shines or sparkles. Regardless of where you purchased your jewelry, we'd be happy to return it to its glory days.

The majority of repairs are handled on-site in our Greenwich workshop, by expert craftsmen who have over a hundred and fifty years of cumulative experience—that's a lot of repairs.


State Of The Art

We're great with antique jewelry as well, which makes great sense when you consider our 120-year-old company could politely be categorized as an antique too. From blow torches patented in 1917 to the advanced yttrium aluminum garnet laser, we have all the technology, tools, and experience to artfully complete the most difficult jobs.

Fixed Costs

When we take in a repair, we will provide you with an estimated cost for your approval before beginning work. Jewelry repair prices vary, depending on the amount of work performed and the cost of the materials involved. Standard stuff.

Pearls On A String

Pearls worn on a regular basis should be restrung as frequently as once a year. Pearl restringing is a Betteridge specialty; we have pearl mavens in-house ready to assist with the most complicated stringing projects.



Not surprisingly, one of the most popular jewelry repairs is ring resizing. Our workshop is fully-versed in the techniques of adjusting ring size while maintaining the integrity of the band and its value.

Complimentary Cleaning?

We'd be happy to clean and polish your jewelry while you wait, whether you bought the piece from Betteridge or not. Call us obsessed, but we believe the better your jewelry looks the better you feel.

We're Here

To schedule an appointment with our Jewelry Repair Department or for information about services offered please visit our store finder for a location nearest you.

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