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Built For You Reflector

A heightened sense of enchantment mirrors our natural world in a timeless expression of floral-inspired fine jewelry. Within nature, the mathematical patterns and formulas of the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence are found in the winding of spiral galaxies, twisting DNA molecules, whirling hurricanes, delicate seashells, even the number of petals of a flower. In a first for MAYORS, an exclusive hand-crafted collection reimagines the patterns of flower petals into swirling contemporary diamond flourishes to be worn and admired. A graceful evolution of classic jewelry silhouettes into modern masterpieces demonstrates MAYORS creative expertise in craftsmanship and attention to detail.


"Creating fine jewelry works of art is second nature for MAYORS"


ExploreBracelets & Bangles

Rows of floral-inspired diamonds enhance chains, bangles, and links into a series of bracelets to mix and match in glittering combinations.

"The beauty of our natural world allows MAYORS to reimagine diamonds for a spectacular first-of-its-kind fine jewelry collection. "


"A year of planning cultivated MAYORS garden of floral-inspired diamonds into a contemporary fine jewelry collection. "

Diamond Expression Bracelets


Perfect spirals of diamond accents highlight the entire collection of floral-inspired fine jewelry.

"Expert craftsmanship with diamonds set by hand in Italy, the Reflector collection by MAYORS is one-of-a-kind, just like you."

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